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Sometimes opportunity is floating around but you don’t see it. It comes like a warm drizzle; its light touch you may not notice. But then you feel something gently warming your heart and you look up to see it smiling at you. You think about where. You think about how and why and all the other questions that you heart likes to conceive. It goes, slowly touching some part of you, awakening some hidden dreams. Your eyes follow in silent pursuit but words fail to reach your lips. You hold out your hand but no longer can you catch it.



Sounds of Silence

The colors in the trees,

they see leaves

and I breathe.








A soft breeze,

a small sea

and I see me.

Love the wind,

I want to sing,

hear the sounds it brings.

A leaf moves across the ground,

it makes a sound

but I don’t hear.

The sound behind me gets louder,

I feel a chill and shiver.

Cold may be a state of being, but not today.

Today nature is my friend.

My hands can’t hold the pen

but I still write.

No amount of obscurity can hide this beautiful sight.

Warmth comes from within

-you don’t need the sun-

and so does light.