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“ALLAH’s Support is Near” Sh. Shaker Elsayed

“We ask Allah much more than we answer Him. Many people say, “I pray but I don’t seem to be getting an answer from Allah.” If you meet one of those people, ask them: “Do you answer Allah when He calls?” And if you don’t answer Allah when He calls, what credibility do you have to expect Him to answer you when you call? This is the biggest problem of our Ummah, that we want what we want, despite what Allah expects of us. This attitude has to change.”

The Fruits of Yaqeen

This video is promoting the Darusssalam community’s new project, Home of the Heart. I attended Al-Huda School when I was in 1st & 2nd grade and that place has a special place in my heart, along with the people who are a part of that community. Imam Safi Khan started Al-Huda School back in the 90s and SubhanAllah, his yaqeen and tawakkul in Allah (SWT) is simply amazing. It is things like these that make me proud that I picked my career to be a teacher. I am a product of various Islamic schools and I want to dedicate my life to serving in these places that plant the seeds of iman in young Muslims. Please support them generously with whatever you can. Jazakallahu Khairan.

Reflections from Jeffrey Lang’s “The Purpose of Life”

It took me forever to learn that this world is not meant for happiness. We are made for struggle and we will always have problems. I can’t believe that I underestimated the amount of people who have problems or the amount of problems per person. We always think others have it easier than us, but in reality, most of us have it hard in our own personalized way. When we embrace suffering and use our intellect to make the right choices, we develop superior qualities and become people of strong character. No wonder good character is worth so much on the scale on the Day of Judgement. It’s as if the weight of your worldly hardships will be lifted off your shoulders, converted into the reward for your sabr and placed atop the scale. Indeed, Allah is One Who removes hardship and brings ease.