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Finally graduated…!

Never thought it’d be over.

First, I was irked why everyone was so happy (because I wasn’t because clearly I have issues). But I’m glad they are. I’m so glad that I was forced to attend my own graduation. I didn’t personally feel accomplished at all, but my family…they were so happy.

Reading the cards I got from my two best friends and my aunt and grandparents literally made a million emotions swirl inside me. I kept laughing and laughing but was on the verge of crying but I couldn’t because I was so happy reading what they wrote. I don’t think I’ve felt such intense emotion in a long time.

❤ love them forever. If I have something to be grateful for, it is my friends. And by the Mercy and Wisdom of Allah, they are also my family <3.



There was a time when I couldn’t differentiate between people of different Arab countries, i.e. I couldn’t tell just by looking at someone whether he or she was Saudi, Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian, etc. I also couldn’t tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Now I can.

I thank the diversity of the people around me for this gradual (but new found) knowledge that makes me more in tune with my fellow human beings.

Now my goal is to also learn how to identify people from various countries in Africa, some remaining ones in Asia and in South America.

Allah says in Surah Al-Hujurat: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another…” (49:13)

Let the knowing begin!

It is April

It is April. What significance does it have? Nothing really.

I took my PRAXIS Core exam and I’m impatiently waiting for the results–after all, it’s going to determine whether or not I get into the teaching program at uni.  On that same day, my brother turned 15. So yesterday (when I got a chance) I gave him “the talk.” It was awkward for him, fun for me.

Now I am incredibly behind in all my classes and I have a few days to catch up. I am the biggest procrastinator I know; honestly, I have to get myself back on track and inshaAllah I will do that this summer. Having summer classes when Ramadan comes is gonna really force me to manage my time more efficiently.

ICNA 2014 is around the corner and everyone I know is going. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go although I like to believe that I’ll find a way. Not being able to drive is really coming to haunt me from every angle at this point.

I really wanna be able to go places. *sigh*

I think I should get back to working on my paper on Arthur Rimbaud. His poetry is intriguing, deep, personal, and hallucinatory. In short, he’s a genius. But, his poetry is also very annoyingly disgusting at times which makes me wanna hate him. So yeah. And I have to write 2800 words about how he’s “significant.”

My sociology professor decided that assigning us more than 8 essays per semester wasn’t enough so she gave us a 20-25 pg. research paper to do. It’s a 300-level class! I don’t know what she thinks we are but…I have 2 days to write that paper and I’m freaking out.

Btw, I’ve been wanting to get Hijama done for the longest time ever, so today I was finally able to get in touch with the Hijama lady and she offered to make me an appointment at the clinic. But obviously, I have to ask my dad first. And it costs $100. Yikes! I was saving my money for ICNA (if that happens). But I guess I shall make the choice.


Sometimes opportunity is floating around but you don’t see it. It comes like a warm drizzle; its light touch you may not notice. But then you feel something gently warming your heart and you look up to see it smiling at you. You think about where. You think about how and why and all the other questions that you heart likes to conceive. It goes, slowly touching some part of you, awakening some hidden dreams. Your eyes follow in silent pursuit but words fail to reach your lips. You hold out your hand but no longer can you catch it.


Updates Jan. 2014


All the joy of receiving my Associate’s Degree has been washed away by the pain that has been brought about by university.

My dad is having an awful hard time paying for uni because it’s so expensive; he now has to look for another job *sigh*. I was listening to a short reminder by Br. Abu Mussab today about the reality of the dunya and how many young people are working more for their degrees than for the Akhirah.

While going to college, while I have delayed a lot of my Islamic Studies/Tafseer coursework, Alhamdulillah, I haven’t abandoned it. Delaying is bad but at least going slowly has kept me going. I’m really worried as to whether or not I’m going to be able to finish college in time.

In time for what?

Well, life of course. I want to get over secular studies so I can begin studying Islamic Studies full-time, instead of working on it once a week, along with teaching English inshaAllah.

My dad has worked so hard for me that I can’t even begin to appreciate it.

Financial aid gave me a minuscule amount of money for tuition but Alhamdulillah. I’m now hoping for a miracle.

What else?

I’ve been sick and yesterday my eye was watering like crazy (at work) and it was swollen. My students told me to take a nap; there was no way I was gonna do that, although I could have because the place I work at is tiny and my friend, who’s also a teacher there could have substituted my class. We talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. and I was supposed to discuss Malcom X after lunch time but whatever, I was too sick so I sat in the little kids’ reading corner and drank tea.

For dinner, I had chicken soup and “methi bataka” (potato and fenugreek curry) with roti although I’m not a big fan of roti. Then I tried having popcorn but my stepmom said no because she said it’d ruin my throat. So I went to bed (earrly) around 8 pm and kept waking up in the middle of the night. After Fajr, I didn’t wanna go back to sleep but my left eye was killing me, so I lay in bed until 8 am. Then I was like, “that’s it, no more lazying around” so I put my clothes in the washer. Now it’s 9:38 am and I don’t feel like going downstairs to throw them in the dryer. I want to stay awake and do my lesson but my left eye is forcing me to go back to sleep.

Yesterday I also watched this video about Qur’an memorization-it’s called Traveler with the Qur’an: []

Ms. Nabilah’s friend showed it to me about 3 weeks ago and one story in it is about the blind boy who memorized Qur’an and he said that he doesn’t ask Allah to restore his eyesight so that he can have a case on the  Day of Judgment; that was intense. I felt guilty asking Allah to cure my swollen eye after that but I still did…

yeah so now I’m hungry so I think I’m gonna have eggs for breakfast.

Btw, next week is the first Al-Maghrib class of the year: 24/7: Fiqh of Du’a & Dhikr with Sh. Waleed Basyouni. Can’t wait!!

Here’s the trailer: []

That was a rant, a very boring one at that, I’m tired but I don’t want to sleep.


Crime Rates in Saudi Arabia

I was working on a research paper during the summer semester titled, “Shari’ah: The Solution for Humanity,” and as part of my research, this is what I found:

Sam Souryal presents crime rate statistics in his analytical report about Saudi Arabia that would clearly prove the success of Shari’ah law in preventing crime in a society. In contrast to 100,000 offenses in other countries, Saudi Arabia had a rate of 3.9 in homicide, 184.1 in assault, 24.2 in sex crimes, 0.7 in kidnapping, 908.5 in robbery, 9.8 in illegal drug traffic, 28.9 in drug abuse, and 67.8 in alcohol abuse between the years of 1970 and 1975.

Souryal, Sam S. “The Religionization of a Society: The Continuing Application of Shari’ah Law in Saudi Arabia.”