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Ode to the Qur’an

Your navy leather skin was among the first that touched mine.

I traced the gold designs with my fingers, round and round,

Round and round, intricately until the teacher banged her hand on my desk because I had stopped repeating after her.

The mind does wander when one pronounces your words over and over.

It becomes like breathing.

Such a beautiful presence in my life, you were. And you are.

The letters that make up your timeless message were forever enchanting my ears when I heard, my eyes when I read.

I sat in silence, sometimes rhythmically swayed—by accident—and sometimes rocked, back and forth as I recited your stories

Like incantations on my lips.

It was fun to read; like a song you sounded—but no, a song you weren’t.

Passages like poetry that no human could ever write, the twists of your words forever imprinted

In the deepest chasms of my heart.

Sometimes my eyes would close and I’d remember you. In my half-sleep, I’d murmur

Your secrets so that you’d become a part of my dreams.

I held on to you; put your miniature cousin in my school bag,

Your gigantic one on my bookshelf.

You kept climbing the bookshelf,

Higher than I ever intended.

Now you’re a little out of reach. How you managed to achieve that great distance is a mystery.

The flipping of your pages makes a distinct sound—I want to be able to flip them slowly, without

Haste in knowing what you will have to say next.

I want to be able to know without looking at print what messages you want to deliver to me; from my heart

To my mind.

From my mind to my heart.

I long to preserve you forever in the core of my being—not just one part, not two, not three, but all of you.


The Water of Gratitude


He watches us take every breath as we fight for air.

He watches us open our mouths as we eat with closed hearts.

He watches us bow down with our inflated egos.

He watches us as we speak without regret.

He watches us be unhappy.

We’re unhappy because we’re unsatisfied-


We blame people, situations, places, health, even time.

But to blame these is to blame Him-

because He controls.

We blame because we are afraid.

We are afraid of admitting our mistakes because that hurts.

It brings memories of the blessed time when our rosy soul was pure.

Saying we corrupted it makes us feel low, lacking love and piety.

We feel like we’re empty.

But there is one thing, maybe more, but one for sure-

that makes us feel good.

It makes us feel blessed.

It makes everyday that much worth it.

It makes life LIFE.

Hold on to it for that dear life and say, “Alhamdulillah.”

“If you give thanks, I will give you more,” He said.

He now Listens.

He listens Now.

Ask Him for the Water of Gratitude.

It will cleanse your soul.

Ramblings of a Hypersomniac

Sleep sleeps forever and your life seems to move.


You wake up.


You missed the trains.

One after another.

Worries depart.

Always another one.

Morrow comes.

Life laughs.

You don’t like it.


More friends or foes?

Can they help?


Sleep sleeps forever

but what if wake also fell asleep?

[I’m not really a hypersomniac; at least, I don’t think I am. I was doing a paper for Bio and ended up “diagnosing” myself, but lol, I think I’m fine when I make du’a, Maybe I just have fatigue. And plus, this is not only about sleep. It’s about stress and life and all that…]

Sounds of Silence

The colors in the trees,

they see leaves

and I breathe.








A soft breeze,

a small sea

and I see me.

Love the wind,

I want to sing,

hear the sounds it brings.

A leaf moves across the ground,

it makes a sound

but I don’t hear.

The sound behind me gets louder,

I feel a chill and shiver.

Cold may be a state of being, but not today.

Today nature is my friend.

My hands can’t hold the pen

but I still write.

No amount of obscurity can hide this beautiful sight.

Warmth comes from within

-you don’t need the sun-

and so does light.

A Tear for His Words

Some days, some nights.

There is a tear in my heart.


Don’t wipe it away.

It means survival.

It shows the feelings therein.

My soul is busy.

It has a duty.

To keep me alive.

My heart should not die.

For if my heart died, the Iman would leave.

And so would hayaa’, because they are companions.

I want them to be my companions forever.

Life of the heart is a gift.

A light that He gives.

With His Remembrance do we live.

Laa ilaha illa Allah.

His Words are everywhere.

Listen to them.

Read them.

The Book waits for me and you.

Note: I originally wrote this in Ramadan during the last 10 nights, but tweaked it around as I posted it for better clarification; before this, it was kind of incomprehensible.

A Life Unseen

There are places you want to be, but you can’t seem to find them.

You think about them everyday, sometimes you see them when you’re asleep.

But you wake up and find that you still can’t really find your way, because your sins made you forget your Ultimate goal and come far from reality.

You think you are doing good, but some people are not happy.

They are the ones who matter the most because your Lord has decreed, but unfortunately they don’t see the need to make it easy.

Tough situations make for a stronger person they say, but what if your present is in danger because they are trying to over prepare you for the future?

A future that no one but He has forseen.


So we all live a life,

A life Unseen.

Everything is hidden

except what has passed

and what is currently occurring.

In our judgements we are all Miskeen,

so maybe we should let the Judge do the judging

because He is the One Who saw the whole scene

from the day we were born to the day we receive

our Books and stand before Him-

But He didn’t want us to leave the path of the Saliheen,

so out of His Mercy, He gave us a gift.

He gave us a path with a light to guide us on it, as a means of salvation from a Fire none of us have ever seen.

The light is Qur’an, the path is the Deen.