This is my short bio as it appears on youth blogs that I am a part of:

as you can tell, i love tea. i like coffee too, but tea is better 🙂

Shahin is a college student working towards obtaining her B.A. in English and an Al-Maghrib student working towards getting a B.A. in Islamic Studies. She enjoys reading Islamic books and articles in her free time.  Shahin is a novice writer, an active blogger, a devoted self-proclaimed foodie, an amateur cook and a dedicated student of knowledge. Her biggest joy in life is related to school, the place where she met the best teachers, formed a deep attachment to, and later wants to return to as a teacher, inshaAllah.

I had another WordPress blog, of which I forgot the password, which led me to make a blog on Tumblr. Tumblr is a great social platform for reaching out to people (which was great because I wanted to do internet da’wah), but it gave me a headache. This is why I decided to come back to good old WordPress. Here’s the link to my old blog: http://theshineypencil.wordpress.com/

Enjoy! 🙂


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