Monthly Archives: March 2017

The hurt

I was a half-full human, my heart stagnant but patiently waiting

Those half-empty spaces were filling themselves up slowly…

You came and started helping the filling

It was a lot
it was more than real

So used to the help
there was no going back
never again could this job be done alone

There was a binding, an understanding, an
of two words into one
two pairs of eyes that looked
the same direction

no one should suffer she whispered
no one should suffer he

we will never allow it
pain is so difficult
stopping pain…

how do you do that?

Is it possible to do that she
We will make it possible he

Where were you before she
but the answer she

Things never go as planned

Why we keep expecting never answers the question

it’s the hard monotony of the learning life
the daily grind
working life

People forget how not to hurt
people forget how not to hurt

the words,
the unwords

the drudgery of the repeated phrases
they try
they try and stop the hurt

they can’t stop the hurt
why can’t they stop the hurt

someone tell them it’s not okay to hurt

it’s the deadly absence of something that should never be…

keep expecting because
Expectations remind
of worth

we have worth, right?

Then why must we prove it all the time?