Monthly Archives: November 2014

Being a Muslim in America (and Ferguson)

After the 9/11 events and the resultant increase of hate towards Muslims, I grew very impatient. I was impatient because I was young and I didn’t understand why we were being hated as Muslims. I remember once on a 9/11 anniversary, I was going to the mall with my mom and I happened to be wearing an abaya. She told me to take it off because she feared for my safety. I was a little scared when she told me about hate crimes but I was adamant about wearing it and thought about what I had learned in school regarding all dangerous situations, whether physical or spiritual—that if I recited Ayat al-Kursi, Allah would protect me.

He did.

Allah protected me then and He protects me now. He has been protecting those of us who are still safe in our homes.


My confusion grew into hate. I was furious about why we were hated as a group, as a community for the actions of a few radicals. But I never expressed it. I was afraid.

But as I read about Ferguson, it reminds me of all the other stories I have read, seen on my dash, heard about in the news—the stories of colored people, and of those with different religions.

America, in all its “glory” and “freedom and justice for all” mottos has forgotten the real meaning behind them—or maybe it just doesn’t care. Maybe the people that are not affected by the injustices that happen to our people, to American people on this soil don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them. It’s appalling how every time the offender is white and the victim is either Black, Hispanic or Muslim, the victim doesn’t get justice and is sometimes further victimized.

This has to change. Our religion tells us and so does our humanity that we have to speak out against injustice.

May Allah help the marginalized groups in America and all over the world. Ameen.