Many of the lifestyles that people want to live are made impossible because of the need for money.

I’m not at all talking about the “better lifestyle” that is achieved through a higher salary. I am talking about our collective enslavement to a society that values only money. If there is a reason that we cannot leave work and just go live on a farm or in some remote (poor but peaceful) village is because life is harder over there. The way we have grown up in first-world countries has made us believe that we cannot survive without money, that simple living is difficult and hence, something to be feared. That a modest living won’t be enough.

And in some ways, it’s true. The poor cannot afford healthcare. They cannot afford private schools for their children. They cannot go on vacation. They cannot even leave their hometowns sometimes to go see the beautiful world that Allah has created. In the past, travel was physically difficult, yes. But you didn’t need huge sums of money in order to travel. People could hop on their camels, horses or whatever it was and go to different places. We all know how the Sahabah and the Tabi’een traveled the world in search of knowledge and to spread the Deen, and many of them were very poor.

It’s disturbing how much of our life revolves around money. We make money in order to live a “better life”. But we spend the money. So we have to go back and make more. And then we spend our lives making money and forget to live.

I don’t want to do that.


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