It is April

It is April. What significance does it have? Nothing really.

I took my PRAXIS Core exam and I’m impatiently waiting for the results–after all, it’s going to determine whether or not I get into the teaching program at uni.  On that same day, my brother turned 15. So yesterday (when I got a chance) I gave him “the talk.” It was awkward for him, fun for me.

Now I am incredibly behind in all my classes and I have a few days to catch up. I am the biggest procrastinator I know; honestly, I have to get myself back on track and inshaAllah I will do that this summer. Having summer classes when Ramadan comes is gonna really force me to manage my time more efficiently.

ICNA 2014 is around the corner and everyone I know is going. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go although I like to believe that I’ll find a way. Not being able to drive is really coming to haunt me from every angle at this point.

I really wanna be able to go places. *sigh*

I think I should get back to working on my paper on Arthur Rimbaud. His poetry is intriguing, deep, personal, and hallucinatory. In short, he’s a genius. But, his poetry is also very annoyingly disgusting at times which makes me wanna hate him. So yeah. And I have to write 2800 words about how he’s “significant.”

My sociology professor decided that assigning us more than 8 essays per semester wasn’t enough so she gave us a 20-25 pg. research paper to do. It’s a 300-level class! I don’t know what she thinks we are but…I have 2 days to write that paper and I’m freaking out.

Btw, I’ve been wanting to get Hijama done for the longest time ever, so today I was finally able to get in touch with the Hijama lady and she offered to make me an appointment at the clinic. But obviously, I have to ask my dad first. And it costs $100. Yikes! I was saving my money for ICNA (if that happens). But I guess I shall make the choice.



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