Islam Has Given Women Their Rights; Muslims Have Not

Islam has given women their rights; the Muslims have not.

Daughters in Muslim homes are still treated (and disciplined) unfairly.

Sisters in Muslim homes are still expected to serve their brothers like they would serve their parents or husbands, when Islam has never stipulated that.

Wives in Muslim homes are still expected to be subservient to their husband’s entire family, when in fact Islam has not placed in-laws at that level of obedience and service.

Mothers in Muslim homes are still expected to take full responsibility of the children while the father refuses to even help. She is also degraded in front of her children, consequently lowering her worth in their eyes.

Islam never stipulated this, but did culture.

So women have been fighting throughout history for their rights that God has given them but are enforced only by some.

If a movement comes along and calls itself “feminism,” whose aim is to restore the diminished rights of women, then why would Islam be against that?

Islamic feminism is just that. By taking the support of religious scripture, historical evidence, and the prophetic example, women seek to re-establish their rights in their homes and societies.

If Muslims (and by this I mean mostly Muslim men) had lived up to the teachings of Islam on how to treat women, there would be no reason for Muslim women to turn to other places for support.

If a Muslim woman is a feminist, it does not mean that she is pursuing an ideology that contradicts the laws of Allah. It means that she is using the means available to her to regain her rights that were given to her by Allah in the first place. 

And yes, any true believing woman with knowledge will never go against what Allah has said. She will fight for her rights in the ways allowed by Islam.

So Muslim women will have to keep speaking out for their rights until Muslims decide to follow what Islam has already stipulated.


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