Everything Will Perish

I used to be an avid reader of Al-Jumu’ah Magazine. Now I occasionally pick it up (just because I have other things to do). I remember reading a self-help article for hoarders. I was a hoarder myself so that article helped me a lot. The ayah that the author used to drive home a point that many hoarders (and maybe majority of the people in the world) fail to realize was this one in Surah Ar-Rahman:

Everyone upon the earth will perish, (55:26)

followed by this one:

And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor. (55: 27)

From that point on, one little aspect of my consumerist and hoarder mentality received a spiritual blow, and that doesn’t mean I stopped buying and storing stuff. That means that a new realization had begun.

Then I started reflecting on other things in life. I like to write poems a lot and they are very valuable to me because in them I have documented fragments of my life, my emotions and my struggles. Then I thought: One day, all of this will be gone? When I die, these books which contain bits of my soul, these blogs which had collections of memories will vanish? These years of school which I find pleasure in remembering will be forgotten? I will be standing there on the Day of Judgment with none of these. My words, my clothes, my work, my books, my purses, my scarves, my jewelry, my laptop, everything will be gone. My feelings, my problems, my lame concerns, my valid concerns, my fears and my sorrow.

Then I realized the value of these statements that emphasized that Only Allah will remain while all else perishes.

Isn’t it amazing that even while everything perishes, including us along with the heavens and the earth, that Allah will remain and then He will bring all of us backwith all of our deeds?

There is none like Him; there is truly none like Him.

Glory be to Him.


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