My Little Sister

[Long-held thoughts, spontaneous post]

When I look at my little sister, I see me. I see her going to the same school I went to while wearing the same white hijab and the same style of a plaid uniform with black shoes.

I see her excellent Qur’an memorization, her above-average academic performance and her generosity to her peers.

What I don’t see is the messy, hurt, inherently timid girl who wants to feel free.

Basically, my little sister is a better version of me.

All of my positive childhood qualities are engraved within her, but in greater amounts and with more confidence.

Initially I used to be jealous of her, but instead of blaming myself for it like I used to, I learned to accept it as a natural occurrence and I now think about all the positive things that have come out of this rather hesitant journey of discovery.

My sister is not me and I am not my sister but I know that through our similarities and differences we can change something for the better.

She lights up my world with her smile and cute words and my goal is to help her grow into the being who can happily and confidently submit to her Lord, defy cultural stigmas and learn to be happy without guilt.

She is currently the better version of me, but I want her to be the best version of herself as well.



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