The Turner of Hearts (the Turner of Life too)


When it’s gradual, it allows you to build your personality and your character in a way that would allow you not only to survive in your different way of life, but maybe also succeed.

But what happens when in one instant your *whole* world is turned upside down?

No notices, no warning, just the same attacks over and over.

You think it’s all over; that webs of frustration are now your weak homes and you’re just a mangled spider who needs to remake herself into another species to be able to survive.

But what if the Maker did not wish to see you change your identity? What if identity and behavior were actually related in ways way different than you had been taught? What if you were taught twisted notions of justice which you came to believe and then the verses came and slapped you in the face?

What does it feel like when conviction turns into confusion? What happens?


Chaos in the heart and mind and if a person’s intellect starts betraying him and his beliefs start failing him, what will behavior do? Behavior has no real mind of its own, but is a product of what’s inside.

How can a person correct what’s inside when the inside is unknown?

The hearts have been twisted, turned, pushed, pulled, stepped on and maybe even burned.

But He is the Controller of hearts, the Turner of Hearts.

He holds them in His Hands and flips them when He Wills.

Can you decide what you want to feel or do or become or does He have that
Power as well?

Answers to questions often come by seeking the answers from those who know.

Who has more knowledge than He?

If you seek guidance, you shall be guided, help and you shall be helped.

He turns away not except from those who turn away.

I turn to Him and say:

“Ya Muqallib al-quloob, thabbit qalbi ‘ala deenik”

(O turner of the Hearts, Turn my heart towards Your Religion).

My heart might be blinded by people, but the Holder of it knows what I want.

Because I seek not except the truth and I speak not except it too.


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