A very profound video.

Since childhood, we heard about how we should always try to fit in other peoples’ shoes before we judge them, and I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s almost impossible to feel. Sure, you can try to imagine another’s pain, another’s joy, another’s excitement, anger, love, guilt, resentment, hatred, distress, hesitation and on, but you can you really feel it? I always thought no, until I really did. I never really understood my mom until I was able to actually go through specific instances which really made me understand her concerns and her emotions. Allah (SWT) is so Just and so Merciful. If you make a du’a to Him, not only does He answer it but He also answers it in the best way. After years and years of a strained relationship with my mom and repeatedly dismissing her concerns as being delusional, I finally understood her in just a few months, and I really believe it was only Allah Who did that. Never did I think I would agree with my mom in some of the things she says, but SubhanAllah, it is really amazing how Allah helps those whom He wills.

The relation of all this to this video? It reminded me of my exact situation. My behavior with my mom and my relationship with her changed almost drastically after I was able to look into her, and really understand her from her point of view, without others’ biases and judgments in the way.

After watching this video, think to yourself: Have I ever treated someone badly because of what I knew about them or how they were? But what if instead of just knowing their life story, you felt their emotions too? Would you treat them differently?

May Allah grant us all baseerah (insight) to be able to recognize and appreciate the beauty of all people. Ameen.


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