Yusha Evans – Purifying your Soul – GMU

When I listen to certain ayat, ahadith, quotes or lectures while being depressed or feeling low on Iman, their impact on me is much greater than if I am in a normal state of mind. I listened to this lecture on Thanksgiving night. It was Black Friday and I wanted to keep myself busy lest I fall into the materialism trap of going shopping. In my old blog, I explain my journey with Black Friday in more detail. To keep myself from going shopping, I also promised my dad that I won’t go to Black Friday for the rest of my life. Sounds harsh, right? Maybe a little extreme? For me, it’s just part of some of the standards I have set for myself. Less shopping actually makes me feel closer to Allah. I actually feel like I have accomplished something great by controlling my spending habits. So I sat in the house and listened to lectures all night long, but the one that really touched me was this one:


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