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Shortcut to Jannah- Maulana Tariq Jameel [ENG]

This was supposed to be a funny, heartwarming reminder, but instead it made me cry.


Learn ‘Ilm-Cross-post from “Tayyibat” Blog

There’s an awesome Islamic blog run by a sister that I came across a long time ago, and  then forgot about, but today I came across it again. I think Allah really wants me to learn from her knowledge 🙂 The blog is called “Tayyibat” and I wanted to share this beautifully amazing post about knowledge. I enjoy reading about seeking knowledge because it keeps reminding me about what I’m supposed to be working towards and it gets me motivated to keep going on the Path.

Without further ado, here’s the post:



Sounds of Silence

The colors in the trees,

they see leaves

and I breathe.








A soft breeze,

a small sea

and I see me.

Love the wind,

I want to sing,

hear the sounds it brings.

A leaf moves across the ground,

it makes a sound

but I don’t hear.

The sound behind me gets louder,

I feel a chill and shiver.

Cold may be a state of being, but not today.

Today nature is my friend.

My hands can’t hold the pen

but I still write.

No amount of obscurity can hide this beautiful sight.

Warmth comes from within

-you don’t need the sun-

and so does light.