Short Thoughts on Complicated

I don’t know why, but I thought I’d share anyway. Usually after every Al-Maghrib class, I feel like my Iman is revived and my knowledge or spirituality has increased, or I have learned something that has brought about about positive changes in my mindset or character. This wasn’t really the case with Complicated, unfortunately. I don’t know why but this time, all the Fiqh differences made me kinda uneasy. I understand the whole concept of “differing in opinion is okay, but differing in the heart is forbidden” and “the differences in Fiqh are to be appreciated, not condemned”, etc. and I have always believed that and followed it as well. And in every other Al-Maghrib class that I took, this feeling never came, even if it was a Fiqh class. It was like frustration mixed with confusion, uneasiness and sadness. I’m not saying that I didn’t learn anything new; that would be major injustice to the class and the shaykh himself. I learned a lot of new things, no doubt, and there were some very interesting discussions in class that allowed me to think critically as well. But the main point is that instead of leaving with a content, happy heart, I went home with a confused and sad heart. Maybe I need to re-adjust my mind. Maybe I need to learn about the same issues again. In any case, this end result has made me even more motivated to study Fiqh. Fiqh is like a puzzle; I want to be able to understand it, if not solve it. At least we Muslims are taught to find good in everything.

Note: Most of the things mentioned above are my own personal thoughts and should not discourage anyone from taking this class. It is full of information, advice, rulings and more for the modern Muslim woman who is trying to live in accordance with Islamic principles and guidelines. Despite all my post-seminar thoughts, I would still recommend every sister (and brother) to take this class, because it is very educational. Some people have even said that they would take this class again, given the chance, so inshaAllah, my personal thoughts should not be taken into account when deciding whether or not to take this class.


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