A Tear for His Words

Some days, some nights.

There is a tear in my heart.


Don’t wipe it away.

It means survival.

It shows the feelings therein.

My soul is busy.

It has a duty.

To keep me alive.

My heart should not die.

For if my heart died, the Iman would leave.

And so would hayaa’, because they are companions.

I want them to be my companions forever.

Life of the heart is a gift.

A light that He gives.

With His Remembrance do we live.

Laa ilaha illa Allah.

His Words are everywhere.

Listen to them.

Read them.

The Book waits for me and you.

Note: I originally wrote this in Ramadan during the last 10 nights, but tweaked it around as I posted it for better clarification; before this, it was kind of incomprehensible.


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