A Life Unseen

There are places you want to be, but you can’t seem to find them.

You think about them everyday, sometimes you see them when you’re asleep.

But you wake up and find that you still can’t really find your way, because your sins made you forget your Ultimate goal and come far from reality.

You think you are doing good, but some people are not happy.

They are the ones who matter the most because your Lord has decreed, but unfortunately they don’t see the need to make it easy.

Tough situations make for a stronger person they say, but what if your present is in danger because they are trying to over prepare you for the future?

A future that no one but He has forseen.


So we all live a life,

A life Unseen.

Everything is hidden

except what has passed

and what is currently occurring.

In our judgements we are all Miskeen,

so maybe we should let the Judge do the judging

because He is the One Who saw the whole scene

from the day we were born to the day we receive

our Books and stand before Him-

But He didn’t want us to leave the path of the Saliheen,

so out of His Mercy, He gave us a gift.

He gave us a path with a light to guide us on it, as a means of salvation from a Fire none of us have ever seen.

The light is Qur’an, the path is the Deen.


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